Bottled calor gas Calne
Bottled calor gas

SES Garden Machinery are the premier supplier of garden supplies in Calne and the surrounding areas, and this includes being registered suppliers of Calor bottled gas. We supply patio, propane and butane gas canisters in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3.9 kg bottles up to 47 kg. We also provide regulators for propane and butane gas bottles where required.

Gas LPG bottles can be used by domestic or commercial clients, and can be useful for barbecues and patio heaters as well as for various types of usage within your home. If you are based in Wiltshire and would like to order bottled Calor gas or other garden supplies in Calne or the surrounding areas, then call SES for more info on 01249 824944.

Bottled calor gas Calne
calor gas


47KG £89.95
19KG £47.50
13KG £46.20
  6KG £36.75
6KG lightweight £42.50
3.9KG £34.50


15KG £56.70
  7KG £44.50
4.5KG £39.90


13KG £52.50
 5KG  £26.25


907 £34.99
904 £29.99

Prices are inclusive of VAT @ 5% |  Regulators for Propane / Butane £9.99 | Deposit payable